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Už sem si tě taky přidal http://ladygagaczech.blog.cz/1001/affilates Přidej se jestli máš Facebook http://www.facebook.com/pages/ladygagaczech/400903258664?ref=ts

2 Honey *affi* Honey *affi* | Web | 24. dubna 2010 v 10:37 | Reagovat

bola fakt skvelo oblecena! nadherne to zladila ;)

P.s. Ahoj esbecko. Chcem ti oznamit, ze moj HIATUS sa prave skoncil a tak budem na blogu. Tiez je na blogu aj novy design, tak budem rada ak ho skritizujes :D. pp

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Diplomček pre teba u mňa na blogu

4 Claritte* Claritte* | Web | 24. dubna 2010 v 18:02 | Reagovat

já teda taky ne ale tahle píseň si mě dostala!

5 Nelly Nelly | Web | 24. dubna 2010 v 18:16 | Reagovat

Tady jí to moc sluší :)
Jinak moc pěkný bloček :)

6 Lorren Lorren | E-mail | Web | 17. července 2016 v 14:03 | Reagovat

So that's the case? Quite a revtaleion that is.

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“Why didn’t I go to law school? Why didn’t I go to business school? Why didn’t I friggen learn a bit of math?”I’ve been doing my own research as well, and I’ve been reading stories of lawyers, MBAs and engineers who can’t find work as well.  It takes the sting out a little for pursuing my “worthless” English degree.  I’ll check out the book (as long as it doesn’t cost as much as the Norton Anthology of ______ Literature A/B/C [which I have...A, B, and C.  It doesn't matter what country])…

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- I lugged my camera with me to a pumpkin fest at a local farm, and lugged it onto their small roller coaster, and caught pictures of pure joy on my 3 year old’s first roller coaster ride.  Priceless.  Thanks for the inspiration![]

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brauchen ein Ãœberblick über alle italienischen Weinführer? Italienische Weine – die 8 wichtigsten Weinführer. Der Veronelli ist der Urvater dieses Genres in Italien und damit wohl einer der ältesten

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This is way better than a brick & mortar establishment.

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RE communism vs. Socialism, the only thing I can see is that Socialism has two main branches. International socialism which we call Communism, and National Socialism which we call Fascism. I have not found a better way to distinguish, what with the left so solidly in control of the media, education, and wordsmithing in general.This is an excellent article. If it could be followed up with a nailing of the communists who survived McCarthy to take over the Democratic party, the picture would be pretty complete.

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